Kristine Gerolaga is the fifth fund recipient for her micro-short series STARRING KRISTINE.



Starring Kristine! is a micro-series of one-minute standalone shorts where as an actor, writer, and filmmaker filmmaker Kristine Gerolaga explores different characters, genres, and stories.

What the funds go toward: securing better locations, an SFX makeup artist for two horror shorts, and payment for the Director of Photography, cast, and composer on five upcoming Starring Kristine! micro-shorts.

About Starring Kristine: Kristine Gerolaga’s ten micro-shorts have explored my depression, the intersectional experiences of having to be cautious while walking alone at night, using Instagram Stories to tell the story of a social media-obsessed woman on a cruise, and silly comedy sketches. Gerolaga has acted with and directed with her father in a dramatic thriller, telling her family's 24-year long immigration story, and literally play a supporting character (a table). There is a constant exploration to be more efficient in storytelling while also discovering how much can fit into a time constraint of one minute. You can see all of the micro-shorts here:

How the project began: As an Asian-American actress, opportunities to act (especially in leading roles) are few and far between and because of the uncertain nature of this industry, a good chunk of the projects I am fortunate enough to work on never see the light of day. I have been a huge believer in creating our own doors into the industry but every year, I've only been able to afford to make 1-2 ambitious projects per year leaving the rest of the year finding ways to stay creative when I'm not on set or on stage. This year I decided to be as creative as possible by committing to writing, directing, acting in, and editing as many short films as possible!

About Kristine Gerolaga: Kristine Gerolaga is an actor/filmmaker who co-wrote/starred in the short film Disconnection, which has made its national television debut as a part of NUVOtv's inaugural Nu Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmaker's showcase in March of 2014. Her directorial debut, A Period Drama (which she also wrote and stars in) won Best Short at both the 2015 Broad Humor Film Festival and Artisyn Studio's 2015 Funniest Film Festival! A Period Drama was picked up for distribution by Hewes Pictures and can be seen on DIRECTV's Shorts TV channel and soon Amazon Prime and in theaters this summer during its limited theatrical release. Her next directing effort Hit or Miss, was a semi-finalist for Justin Lin's (FAST and FURIOUS franchise) Asian-American filmmaker initiative. Kristine was also awarded Best Female Performance at the 2016 Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival for her performance in I Hate the Color Red directed by Jazmin Jamias and Best Actor in a Dramedy at the 2017 Best Actors Film Festival for her performance in On the Edge directed by Alia Lundy! She was also quoted or had her work mentioned in: IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter, Inc., BuzzFeed,, Yahoo! Movies, Gizmodo, and Fast Company.