FOFIF Funding Announcement - March 2019


Just one year since launching The Future of Film is Female, I am so proud to announce our fourth round of funding!

For this round, the first of 2019, I’m grateful to be able to support four short film projects directed by women: Tiffany Frances’ HELLO FROM TAIWAN, Jingjing Tian’s TIL DEATH DO US PART, Annelise Ogaard’s OUR COLLEAGUES, and Richa Rudola’s THE SEAL (which will receive our first post-production sound services package from our partner Heard City). Click on each filmmakers’ name for full information about their project!

These four diverse short films feature compelling stories that express a search for traumatic understanding, dealing with cultural differences and family, a postmortem love connection, and the literal distance one will go for acceptance. I truly couldn’t be more excited to support these works, in whatever small ways that we can, to help bring them to life.

—Caryn Coleman, Founder of The Future of Film is Female & Director of Programming/Special Projects at Nitehawk Cinema.

Receiving post-production sound services courtesy of Heard City.

THE SEAL is a psychological thriller about a woman’s journey of healing from trauma. It’s about the battle between the mind, which will go to any lengths to protect itself, and the body that remembers the abuse. Once abuse has occurred, how does one heal from it? Is recovery even possible?

The film's protagonist is Sheetal whose name is an anagram of the film's title. Unaware of her PTSD, Sheetal has spent her life being unkind to herself and running away from painful memories. With the arrival of the sealed package, the seal in Sheetal’s mind gives way to reveal what lay hidden underneath. Her imaginary childhood friend and a haunting homeless woman seem to point her to the truth Sheetal doesn’t want to acknowledge. 


Receiving pre-production funds for new film, HELLO FROM TAIWAN.

HELLO FROM TAIWAN is a poetic drama about a Taiwanese American family struggling to reunite across cultural and language barriers in the late 1980s. It’s written and directed by Tiffany Frances as part of the prestigious AFI Directing Workshop for Women.

We open on a scene of a Taiwanese-American family reuniting at the San Jose airport in 1989. The film then goes on to explore the following weeks as the family struggles to reconnect. It's told from the point of view of the little girl at age 5, so the story unfolds from innocence to understanding how the world around her works.

Anticipated production is Summer 2019. Anticipated completion is December 2019.


Receiving pre-production funds for new film, TIL DEATH DO US PART.

TIL DEATH DO US PART is about a 70 year old woman whose husband passes away. As his body decays inside of their apartment, she believes that he's still alive until an unexpected friendship snaps her back into reality.

Anticipated production is May 2019. Anticipated completion is December 2019.


Receiving production funds for new film, OUR COLLEAGUES.

Meg is leading a double life. Despite going through the motions of an ordinary, middle class existence, she is drawn to join a shadowy community which claims to be in contact with alien life. On a quasi-scientific and ludicrously secretive excursion to “make contact,” she begins to realize that her desires might be even stranger than her circumstances in this dark comedy about truly getting away from it all.

Anticipated production date is July 2019. Anticipated completion date is October 2019. 

Caryn Coleman