FOFIF Founder Profiled in BYT


By Megan Burns
March 5, 2019

The idea for The Future of Film is Female came out of programming I was doing at Nitehawk Cinema, particularly the Nitehawk Shorts Festival where the best, ongoing relationships I’ve formed over the seven years we’ve done it has been with women filmmakers. I had initially wanted to have a shirt done for the festival (which has always been dedicated to gender parity) in 2017 but I was too busy to get it done in time. So once the dust settled, I launched the first campaign in February 2018. The mission is simple: all profits from the t-shirt and button sales go towards a woman filmmaker with a short film at any stage of production. I understand that financial support for short films (as a whole) is something that we need to endorse in the independent film community and, because, often filmmakers careers are born with shorts, it only makes sense that if we want to help develop the work of female directors then we need to support early on.

Caryn Coleman