Announcing our third fund recipient - Amber Sealey!

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The Future of Film is Female is proud to announce funding provided to our third film since launching in February 2018: Amber Sealey's short film How Does It Start?

How Does it Start? was shot over five days in late July and the funding we provided went directly towards its production. The expected completion date is mid-December so stay tuned!

A short film directed by Amber Sealey
Producers: Mridu Chandra, Matt Miller, Mia Schulman, Sari Thayer

It’s 1983 and 11-year-old Rain wants sex, the only problem is she has no idea what that means. With her self-absorbed parents distracted by their pending divorce, Rain is left alone to navigate the complexities of love and adulthood, and learns to do it her own way.

Amber Sealey is an award-winning director, writer, producer, and actor who has made three feature films. She is a current fellow of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Her most recent film, NO LIGHT & NO LAND ANYWHERE, won a Special Jury Award at LAFF and IndieWire said the film could “further cement Sealey’s reputation as one of the most promising directors of female-driven stories working the U.S. today.”

For more information and updates, please visit the How Does It Start? Facebook page!

Caryn Coleman